liquid feature

lliquid NFTs are no longer desirable. A vast majority of them die out, and holders lose interest. Due to their illiquid design, many holders feel like hostages. That changes with BlockCentral. Holders of the BlockCentral NFT Collection can continue to hold and earn weekly lifetime rewards, or they will be able to cash out their NFT with a redemption tax at any time. An NFT holder can redeem it for a 20% Redemption Tax (paid in BLOC) if they need immediate access to capital. 

decaying feature

BlockCentral NFTs will earn weekly lifetime rewards from both token supply reduction (burns) and via a unique decaying smart contract. A substantial amount of token supply will be locked in a contract. Reward tokens will be released to holders based on a percentage-based decay rate. The rate of decay will be decided upon by the team to ensure strong weekly rewards that are also sustainable for the protocol. This will keep rewards flowing while also accounting for long-term token appreciation.


Another defining feature of the BVC is the 7 unique clans and rare Norse God NFTs that will make up the collection. Each clan has it’s own unique features, mythology, and lore. This will play a larger part in the community and protocol than users realize at first. These are 7 clans features in the BVC: 

Bloodaxe Clan - Named after the infamous Viking warrior, Erik Bloodaxe, this clan is known for their fierce battle tactics and brutal raids. 

Dragon's Breath Clan - This clan is known for their mastery of fire and their ability to unleash a fiery storm upon their enemies. They are also revered for their dragon-like ferocity in battle. 

Frostbite Clan - Hailing from the frozen north, the Frostbite Clan is known for their resilience in harsh weather conditions and their mastery of ice magic. 

Ironclad Clan - This clan is renowned for their superior blacksmithing skills, producing the strongest weapons and armor among all Viking clans. 

Odin's Fury Clan - Named after the chief of the Norse gods, Odin's Fury Clan is known for their wisdom, cunning, and strategic prowess in battle. They are often revered as the most powerful and respected clan among all BlockCentral Viking tribes. 

Stormborn Clan - This clan is believed to be descended from the Norse god of thunder, Thor. They are known for their lightning-fast strikes and fearless warriors. 

Valkyrie's Vanguard Clan - This clan is named after the mythical female warriors who served the Norse gods and selected the bravest warriors to fight and die in battle. Members of the Valkyrie's Vanguard Clan are known for their exceptional combat skills and their dedication to honor and glory in battle. 

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