dynamic strategies

BlockCentral features a new portfolio management paradigm that hands control back to the user.

Integrations Hero - Finantech X Webflow Template
Integrations Hero - Finantech X Webflow Template

A lack of personalization is one of the largest issues facing DeFi. Even in the best projects who offer multiple avenues of earning, those opportunities are standardized. Current staking pools or yield farms only operate in one way. A user can choose to participate on the protocol's terms, or not at all. Those are their only options.

100% Customisable

BlockCentral is designed to be customizable to each user’s preferences. Every user is unique and employs a spectrum of strategies. Even more granular, a single user will change their strategy depending on market conditions. BlockCentral is a protocol that can be optimized and remain dynamic for each user.

Set and Forget

In increments of 10%, users can personalize their staking and farming experiences. Users can customize between Compounding, Accumulating, and Taking Profit. Yield Farmers will have the additional option to auto-compound their 'Accumulate' percentage directly into Single Staking. These settings can be updated as often as needed, or set once and left to manage a user's holdings for weeks or months without required intervention.

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