May 8, 2024

How to Earn in BlockCentral

How to Earn in BlockCentral

There is that moment in every protocol where someone asks the inevitable question, “How do I make money on this?” It is usually the first thing they ask and the only thing they care about. But wait, this is crypto; we’re just here for the technology, right? …right?

Of course we are here to make some money! You can choose the lottery ticket route, chasing memecoin dreams and parabolic charts. Or you can choose the more long-term investment style of crypto, the one where, over time, you’ll earn strong, sustainable returns.

With that being said, welcome to BlockCentral.

Introduction to Earning

BlockCentral is a DeFi Fund made up exclusively of on-chain digital assets. In traditional finance, something like a hedge fund charges management and performance fees. This structure exists in BlockCentral through the taxes associated with the main utility token (BLOC) and its features.

However, unlike a traditional funds, BlockCentral uses Principal Resonance to push significant portions of those fees and revenue through the ecosystem and paid back to those engaged in the Holding, Staking, and Farming of BLOC.

Disclaimer: Projections are for Year One if a user were to fully compound rewards. Stasis recommends users take profit via Dynamic Strategies and proper portfolio management. Projections are not financial advice. In practice, rewards and APYs are variable, dependent on trading volume and DeFi Fund revenue.


Buying and Holding BLOC

The simplest strategy of BlockCentral is buying and holding the BLOC token. The mother token of the BlockCentral ecosystem; all rewards and fees run through BLOC to power the protocol and the DeFi Fund. BLOC has a 3% Buy Tax and 3% Sell Tax.

The mechanics of the BlockCentral protocol makes the token hyper-deflationary. This means the token supply is aggressively reducing at all times. With no way to mint new tokens, the scarcity of tokens will drive strong value increases in the BLOC token over time.

Staking BLOC

Single Stake BLOC

For some, they want to ‘do’ something with their BLOC tokens besides simply holding them. BlockCentral provides several opportunities for holders to put their tokens to work. This begins with the ‘Single Staking’ feature. Holders can commit their tokens to the staking pool and earn additional rewards.

The Single Staking feature has a 3% Deposit and 3% Withdrawal Fee. The Single Staking pool benefits from BLOC Buy and Sell Taxes, as well as the Deposit and Withdrawal Fee. Long-term participants in the ecosystem can see strong growth in their token count without risk of impermanent loss.

Yield Farming

There is one yield farm in BlockCentral. Yield farms are a way to provide liquidity for a protocol, a healthy and vital task. Because of this, farmers earn the lion’s share of rewards from the protocol.

The yield farms have a 3% Deposit and 3% Withdrawal Fee. Farms have exposure to impermanent loss (IL), but the impact is often negligible long term. To account for potential of IL, rewards paid to liquidity providers are noticeably higher than single staking.

BlockCentral Viking Collection

BlockCentral Viking Collection NFTs

One of the most exciting ancillary features of the BlockCentral ecosystem is the BlockCentral Viking Collection. The artwork was designed by our Marketing Director Ian, using MidJourney, then heavily edited to enhance the artwork, and we embed branding in up to 40% of the imagery.

BVC NFTs earn weekly lifetime rewards, with a projected APR of 30–60%. The rewards come from a smart contract with token supply locked in it. Due to the mechanics of the contract, the contract decays a small % weekly, releasing rewards to the NFT holders.

BlockCentral is designed for long-term participation. Like a traditional fund, time in the fund will almost certainly outpace trying to time the fund. Using Dynamic Strategies will help keep volume flowing through the protocol, keeping additional rewards and burns occurring automatically. This type of resonance allows for every part of the ecosystem to help each other, and in turn, themselves.

This can be the power, and profitability, of BlockCentral.

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BlockCentral Inc. is a Panama-based company focused on advancing blockchain adoption and education. All information presented here is not financial advice and should be considered the starting point of your own due diligence.